30 Low Carb Fruits For Weight Loss (The Ultimate List Of Low Carb Fruits You Need)

Fruits are one of the healthiest diet components available. But when you are on a weight-loss diet, the choice and affinity for fruits can get limited. So, you might be wondering…

What are the best low carb fruits for weight loss?

Or you might be thinking…

I should have a list of low carb fruits that I can have without much thinking.

Well, the good news is that you have a friend like me who likes to take on the pain to make a list of low carb goodies for you. Without further waiting, let me tell you all about low carb fruits. Just bear with me till the very end and you’ll find out everything I know.

Why Low Carb Fruits Are Good For Weight Loss?

Any fruit you eat is evaluated in terms of its carbohydrate content. Simply put, the amount of fiber content and sugar in fruits gives the total amount of carbohydrate in any fruit. So, if you choose fruit with high fiber content it’s only good for your body. Here’s why…

Fruits with high fiber content cannot be broken down by the enzymes during digestion. For this reason, they come out of the body in the same manner in which they are accepted.

Here are some of the benefits of low carb fruits:

  1. Rich in fiber
  2. Keeps you full for longer
  3. Aids indigestion
  4. Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD)
  5. Prevents cancer and diabetes

Happy with the facts? There’s more for you if you just keep reading…

Top 5 Low Carb Fruits

If you’re reaching for fruits, these are the ones you should go for –

1.  Watermelon

Net Carb: 11 g

Total Carb: 11.6 g

Fiber Content: 0.6 g

Watermelon is the first on all-time low carb fruits. This summertime fruit has the lowest carb content (11.6 g) per 100 grams of serving. Also, it is richly packed with Vitamin A, Minerals, and an abundance of water.

2.  Berries

Net Carb: 11 g

Total Carb: 11.6 g

Fiber Content: 0.6 g

Strawberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, and Blueberries are relatively low sugar tasty fruits. Each of the following berries contains 5.68 g, 4.90 g, 5.44 g, and 6 g of net carbs respectively (according to USDA data). Berries are packed with nutrients like – vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Also, some studies linked berries to reducing inflammation, lowering cholesterol levels, and reducing heart disease.

3.  Cantaloupe

Net Carb: 12.84 g

Total Carb: 14.44 g

Fiber Content: 1.6 g

This sweet low carb delight tastes great on its own. Then again, it also tastes great with cottage cheese. Enriched with vitamin A, this fruit helps to maintain good eye and skin health. In addition to that, it also helps to boost immune function. Per 100 gram serving of this delight gives you 8 grams of sugar (as per USDA data).

4.  Starfruit

Net Carb: 4.27 g

Total Carb: 7.27 g

Fiber Content: 3 g

Starfruit is going to be one of your favorite fruits once you try it. It’s sour and sweet and tastes great with salad, chicken and, whatnot. A medium-sized starfruit consists of 4.27 grams of sugar and supplies 50% of the vitamin C for your body in a day. Not only that –

It delays aging, prevents wrinkling and dry skin.

5.  Peach

Net Carb: 4.27 g

Total Carb: 7.27 g

Fiber Content: 3 g

Peaches are sweet and juicy. But the good news is – it doesn’t have too many carbs. A single serving of 100 grams comes with only 10 grams of sugar (as per USDA data). Plus, peaches have a low glycemic load and low calorie.

Are Low Carb Fruits a Good Sugar Alternative for Low-Carb Diets?

Low carb fruits can be fantastic sugar alternatives and sweeteners for low-carb diets. These fruits are generally lower in sugar and higher in fiber compared to other fruits. Incorporating options like berries, avocados, and lemons can provide natural sweetness while keeping carb intake under control. Experimenting with these sugar alternatives and sweeteners for lowcarb can add variety to your diet while satisfying your cravings.

 Top 5 High Carb Fruits

Here is our finely picked list of healthy top 5 high carbohydrate fruits:

1.  Banana

Net Carb: 14.83 g

Total Carb: 22.84 g

Fiber Content: 2.6 g

The all-season fruit banana is the most common fruit in the world. An average-sized banana is made up of 23% carbs in the form of starch or sugar.  Raw bananas or green bananas consist of a high amount of starch which later converts into sugar when they begin to ripen. As a result, they turn yellow.

Bananas are rich in potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and many other minerals. Also, the pectin and resistant starch in unripe bananas is good for digestive health and feed friendly stomach bacteria.

2.  Apple

Net Carb: 18.91 g

Total Carb: 25.13 g

Fiber Content: 4.4 g

Apples are one of those fruits that have the longest shelf life. Apples come in a lot of variety – green apples, red apples, and more. Besides, they are packed with all the essentials like – vitamin C, antioxidants, and others.

Apples surely helped Newton to discover gravity. But they do help us to improve blood sugar control, antioxidants help to fight cancer and reduce the risks of getting into heart diseases.

3.  Mango

Net Carb: 25.05 g

Total Carb: 28.05 g

Fiber Content: 3.0 g

Mangoes are a delightfully sweet and fragrant tropical fruit. This fruit is high in vitamins A and C, rich in potassium and fiber.

It is a great snack during the midday between meals. Try having them with breakfast cereals or smoothies and you’ll notice the magic it does to your taste buds.

4.  Sweet Potato

Net Carb: 26.0 g

Total Carb: 21.0. g

Fiber Content: 4.0 g

Sweet potatoes are rich in provitamin A which is obtained from beta-carotene, vitamin C, and potassium. Also, these are rich in antioxidants which makes it an ideal cancer-preventive, helps to repair oxidative damage and the risk of several other diseases.

5.  Dates

Net Carb: 25.05 g

Total Carb: 36.0 g

Fiber Content: 4.0 g

Dates are naturally very sweet. In fact, the sugar content is enough to create a sweet snack or dessert out of it. In one piece of Medjool date, you can find almost 18 grams of carbs. Not only that but dates are rich in fiber, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and vitamin A.

List of 30 Low Carb Fruits

Here is my list of 30 best low carb fruits of all time. All the data for food nutrition has been taken from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) website. Also, the carb contents in each of the fruits had been measured on the basis of an equal amount of servings (100 grams).

The list is given below:

Name of the FruitNet Carbs (grams)Fiber Content (grams)Total Carbs (grams)
Sour Red Cherries10.91.612.5
Nectarine (medium)10.732.312.05
Honeydew Melon8.120.89.09
Asian Pear7.13.610.65
Prickly Pear6.03.69.57
Currant (Red, White)7.374.313.8


So, these are my 30 low carb fruits for weight loss!

Low carb fruits are a great way to maintain a ketogenic diet. Since, the ketogenic diet is an ideal method to reduce weight, achieve blood sugar control, and other health-related milestones.

Fortunately, there is so much variety at your disposal that it is easy to include a wide variety of tasty and versatile low carb fruits. Plus, it also allows you to reap your health benefits by staying within your carb range.

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