What Does a Dead Mouse Smell Like?

If you think you might have a dead mouse residing somewhere in your house there are a few telling smells that will help you to know for sure, and help you find where it might be hiding.

Generally, a dead mouse will cause a very rancid smell in the particular area where it is. It tends to start off rather subtle and then get stronger and more offensive as time goes on. Many also often describe a dead mouse as smelling like rotten cabbage and decay.

What Does a Skunk Smell Like?

It’s widely known how bad skunk spray can smell, but for those fortunate enough to have never experienced it, you may be wondering what exactly it smells like.

Well, skunk spray has a very acrid smell at first and then will leave a lingering smell of rotten eggs wherever it has sprayed. The reason why skunk spray smells so bad is because it contains sulphur-based compounds, and the smell it produces can last for two or three weeks. So, if it sprays your clothes then they’re probably going to need several wash cycles, (and you’ll probably need quite a few showers too)!

What Does a Durian Smell Like?

A durian is a fruit that has a very pungent smell. People often describe the odour as being like pig-excrement and onions. The smell can vary considerably, but it always seems to be extremely strong and extremely bad!

However, the general rule when it comes to a durian is that the worse it smells, the better it tastes. So, maybe just hold your nose before taking a bite!

What Does a Cat Spray Smell Like?

A cat sprays to mark its territory, and it can be a pain when they start to do this around the house. Not only does cat spray leave a mark on your furniture or walls, but it also causes there to be an unpleasant smell that can be very hard to get rid of.

Cat spray has been described to have a musky urine smell, that can stain the area they spray with the odour lingering for several hours. Male cats spray indoors more than female cats do, and you want to make sure you are well out of the way if you sense they’re about to do it!

What Does a Bad Chicken Smell Like?

To know if your chicken has gone bad, then you should be able to tell fairly quickly by the smell that it gives off.

Bad chicken tends to smell very sour or a bit like ammonia. The smell is usually extremely potent, whilst also accompanied by some obvious discolouration. If chicken is giving off any smell at all then it is best to discard it.

What Does a Dead Animal Smell Like?

When an animal dies and its body begins to break down it releases a range of unpleasant chemicals, including methane and sulphur dioxide, which leads to it creating a very putrid smell. It will smell like there is something rotting (because well… there is) and it will get worse as time goes on as more of the animal’s body decomposes.

What Does a Bad Egg Smell Like?

To know whether an egg is bad or not, one of the most obvious signs is how it smells. An egg that has gone bad has a very distinctive smell. Rather than comparing it to other smells, it has created its own term that is used to describe other odours.

The ‘rotten egg’ smell that is commonly known, is made due to the fact that a bad egg produces sulphur. This offensive smell will be produced once you crack a bad egg and will remain even if you proceed to cook it (although you should definitely never eat a rotten egg!)

What Does a Beach Smell Like?

When you think of a beach you probably think of nice, pleasant, summery smells. The salty sea probably first springs to mind, and then you probably also think about ice creams, sunblock, or maybe the smell of fish and chips in one of the seaside cafes!

However, sometimes you might actually discover there to be a more unpleasant smell that might slightly cloud the nice day you’re having at the sandy beach. Sometimes, mainly at low tide, the sea can give off quite a nasty smell, often described as stale and sulphury. This is because seaweed eggs produce certain chemicals, which are their sex hormones, that have the aim of attracting sperm.

What Does a Cavity Smell Like? 

If your teeth start to decay, then you will most likely start to form cavities. These are little holes in your teeth that are caused from too much snacking, consuming too many sugary drinks or food and from general poor oral hygiene. Not only can cavities be painful, but they can give off a very unpleasant odour. So, if you think you might have a cavity, there are some certain smells to look out for.

The smell of a cavity is usually described as being like rotten eggs and, whilst this is not nice at all, many often say it can actually smell like faeces. The smells are caused from a build-up of nasty bacteria and pus on your teeth, and you’ll need to see a dentist to rectify the problem.

What Does a Cyst Smell Like? 

Our skin has cells which produce keratin, something which is needed to keep our skin healthy and also to help hair grow. However, sometimes these cells can start to move deeper into the skin instead of further up, where they are meant to. When this happens, the cells can build-up and create a sac which fills up with fluid. This is a cyst. A cyst can not only be painful but can also have a very unpleasant smell.

The area around a cyst can smell very bad, although it is mainly the fluid which the cyst secretes which has a very pungent smell that many describe as being foul.

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