8 Proven Ways to Get into An Early Morning Workout Routine for Women

If you ask a random person in the public, “what holds you back from working out?”. In most cases, their go-to answer will be, “I can’t make time”. I know it is hard to find an extra 15-30 minutes for exercising. But you’re probably thinking:

“How do I start that’s actually quick and works?”

So, today I am going to share 8 proven ways to get into an early morning workout routine. These tips have helped me a lot when I was starting out. I do hope they help you out too.

Morning Workout Tips for Women

So, here are 8 proven tips for a morning workout for women that are guaranteed to provide you results, fast!

#1 – Start small and try adjusting with the routine

Finding a perfect workout time gets about 25% of the work done. Try to slide in a 15 minutes timeslot into your daily routine and increase it as you get used to the routine. Once you adjust to the timing then, all you need to do is to maintain it. Keep the timing for as long as you want until your body is ready to take it to the next step.

#2 – Start with simple body flexing

Try flexing your body while you are still in bed. A simple arms, legs, and backstretch provides mobility to your body before you get out of the bed. When you are in bed for a long time, the connective tissues covering the muscles (fascia) get fixated. So, a quick body stretching helps the muscles to respond to movements.

Jen Esquer, a physical therapist and Pilates instructor had shown that an in-bed flexing habit increases the blood flow and activates the nerves in the body for the rest of the day.

#3 – Tweak your night-time routine

Mornings will be a lot less miserable if you prepare yourself the night before. To do this you have to make subtle tweaks in your evening and night routine. Avoid taking long naps during the daytime even if you have time. This ensures you get a proper 7-8 hours of sleep during the night. Also, make sure your sleeping environment is relaxing, dark, cool and calm.

After all, we all know less sleep will give you less energy for a proper workout.

#4 – Make the bed and arrange the clothes

The thought of a long to-do list makes our morning miserable right out of the bed. So, to keep the mind off thinking, you need to do all the little works before going to sleep. Make the bed, arrange the clothes, keep your phones and earbuds out of the bed. Keep them where they are easy to find.

It is proven that if you make the small decisions before the next day, it enables time for more productive thinking and doing. Also, make your own bed every day. National Sleep Foundation had shown in a research that those who make their bed gets a better sleep.

#5 – Drink water and make coffee

A research study suggests that drinking water first thing in the morning increases the metabolism rate by 30 percent. So, the next time you hear the alarm ringing, get up and drink a glass of water. Make it into a habit and you are going to feel the difference after a few days. Also, make instant coffee to energize your day. It takes less time and gets you all ready for action.

Drinking water also washes out the sludge that deposits in the stomach overnight. So, you feel fresh as soon as your body removes the toxic elements.

#6 – Make an actionable list

Mornings are best for execution and productive thinking. Train your brain to do the hardest thinking and execution in the morning. The thought of having to do a lot of simple small tasks can stress the brain as soon as you wake up.

Here is a tip – make a to-do list the night before. Plan your workout routine in advance and get going on the list as soon as you wake up. In this way, you can lead your brain into thinking that it is ready for a workout and other tasks. Make a to do list for the exercises you’re going to perform and set a reminder.

You can use Microsoft To Do app for this. The app is available on Windows, MAC, IOS and android so you can sync between the devices. This is an awesome productivity app from Microsoft.

For example – morning workout, attend meetings, send some important emails to name a few.

#7 – Make a motivating playlist

When it comes to workout, the right music and focus go onto each other. High energy motivation music can make the most of your exercise time. So, take your idle time to make a small playlist. Add a few songs as you stick with your routine. As for me, I like to mix my playlist between 80’s hard rock, Feel good indie music and pop-rock from time to time.

Set different kinds of music for different kinds of workouts. Such as – when you go out for a long run, you would want to feel free and relaxed. On other days, you can turn to high energy rock music for high-intensity workouts.

Can Exercising in the Morning Help with My Keto Diet?

Can exercising in the morning help with my keto diet? Absolutely! Incorporating morning workouts into your keto routine can provide numerous benefits. Exercise boosts metabolism, improves fat burning, and helps maintain muscle mass. To maximize results, combine it with the “93 surprising tips for keto diet beginners” to optimize your diet and fitness journey. Stay committed, prioritize consistency, and consult a professional to tailor workouts to your specific needs.

#8 – Make peers with same goals

Peer pressure is a good thing if you can leverage it into your advantage. Make a workout buddy who can gear you up at times so that you stay focused on your goal. Also, it is good to have a buddy who can sweat with you to achieve the same goals. You can take tips and try new workouts without having to explore everything yourself because your goals are pretty much aligned.

Wrapping up

I hope these 8 tips will come in handy during an early morning workout for women. Always keep in mind, making a routine is easy but following it every day is not. So, make sure to keep it simple and slowly add time to your workout routine. Remember, when you know you have a long day ahead of you, make sure to shorten your workout sometimes. That will keep you going for the rest of the day.

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