How To Interact With Children? And Its Importance

Interaction with the child develop a sense of security of brain cells.

Interact with children will help develop a network of brain cells associated with a sense of security, good communication will help the child feel comfortable in and look at that brain cells will grow properly. Some ways you can do to develop a network of brain cells associated with a sense of security are:

At the age of 9 months she usually was able to clap our hands, clapping her hands together we sing children’s songs.

Ualangi activities of singing, clapping with 2 or 3 songs that the children feel happy and cared for.

Children raised high in the air can also stimulate the brain to release hormones important for the development of courage.

Hold the child in the chest and lift it high into the air and then lower slowly, need to be careful when doing this activity because the child’s brain is very delicate.

Activities can also be done while singing the song of children in order to create excitement in children.

Repeat activities can strengthen the new motor circuits neuralgia, bathing and playing a fun activity for children.

Setting up a plastic pool child a sponge bath and a small bucket, while bathing the child was taught to squeeze the sponge into a small bucket, the activity is carried out not too long in the water because the child can develop a cold.

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