How To Accelerate The Brain Development Of A Child?

Accelerate the development of the child’s brain circuit.

Often trained eye and hand coordination will accelerate the development of circuits in the brain, because the child’s brain has its own speed in forming neural connections muscles to climb and crawl a few things you can do for the development of brain circuits are:

Children usually begin to show the desire to eat by themselves, then you can set up a plate of thinly sliced fried potatoes in small amounts, or carrots and green beans that have been boiled.

When children can take food and put it into the mouth it is a remarkable thing, so give applause and praise when the child can do the activity well.

Children showed a great desire to achieve anything they saw, take the child playing on a carpeted floor, play with battery-powered train nearby because the child would be interested to grab the car is running. If the child is almost reaching the train, move the toy to the other side then he must be encouraged to reach it again, so children learn good brain circuits.

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