How To Get Baby To Sleep?

I’m Tired, But My Baby still don’t Sleep, What Should I Do?

Many parents are facing the same problems at night. They were exhausted from work all day and do the babycare but at one AM, their baby still doesn’t sleep. He even doesn’t look sleepy. What should we do? There are some tips on the best babycare to make your baby become sleepy. The first advice of babycare is to make sure the baby drinks their milk. A baby who drinks milk and feels full of the stomach is easily getting sleepy.

The next best babycare sleeping advice is to put the baby in a warm place. What we mean is warm is a bed covered with a soft blanket that not too hot and not too cold. The third sleeping babycare tip is to bathe the baby with warm water. Like an adult, the baby will feel relaxed when he wash in warm water. After you bath the baby with warm water, give the baby babycare talc which able to give a comfortable feeling on their skin. After that, make sure you change the diaper to make them comfortable.

The next sleeping babycare tip is to make sure the baby’s room is not too noisy. If it is necessary, you can put soft classical music for the baby in low volume. Or if you don’t have a player, you can sing in low tune. The last best babycare advice is to bring your baby in a blanket and put him in your arms then rock it slowly. If all the babycare doesn’t work, there is nothing compared to the love you give to your baby.

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