Does a Steamer Kill Bed Bugs? [A Quick Guide]

Have you ever woke up with bug bites? If you have, you know the pain of having bedbug infestation. They’re notorious and grow up rapidly, making them unstoppable and hard to get rid of. You could count on a steam cleaner as an efficient and cost-effective method of eliminating bed bugs. So, how does a steamer kill bed bugs?

The bugs cannot withstand the high surface temperature produced by a steam cleaner. Therefore, when you put steam treatment with hot water, they die rapidly.

We’ll know about this chemical-free cleaning method as we dive deep into the topic.

Does a Steamer Kill Bed Bugs?

If you are wondering, does a steamer kill bed bugs? The answer is yes, bed bug steamers heat treatment and powerful flow can effectively eliminate bugs from your beds. But effectiveness and bed bug treatment time will depend on your steam cleaner’s quality and using method.

For removing bugs with steam pressure, your steam cleaner’s temperature should be over 131° F or higher. Though most steam cleaners can produce these levels of temperature, you should make sure your steam cleaner is one of them.

If you want to control of bed bug with hot steam effectively, you should choose an industrial steam cleaner to get precise results. The commercial steamer or a steam cleaner for mattress, especially a clothing steamer work the best as bed bug steamers.

They come with versatile accessories and angular nozzle to reach the narrow spaces in the bed. Plus, an extra-long power cord will give you flexibility to eliminate bed bug infestations and bed bug elimination.

It is important to maintain some steps. Fortunately, our expert team knows how to kill bed bugs with ease. Go through to learn.

Can Steam Cleaners for Curtains Also Be Used to Kill Bed Bugs?

Looking for the best steam cleaner for curtains reviews? Wondering if it can also be used to kill bed bugs? Well, good news! Steam cleaners are known for their versatility, and many models can indeed eliminate bed bugs on curtains. Just make sure to use the right temperature and steam setting to effectively eradicate those pesky pests while keeping your curtains fresh and clean.

How to Use a Steamer to Kill Bed Bugs?

You should follow a few guidelines while you are using a steam cleaner to remove bed bugs. This step by step guide will increase the effectiveness of your deep cleaning the bed bugs at your home:

Step 1: Prepare the steamer

Prepare your steam cleaner and make sure the water tank is filled and sealed properly. Don’t accede the water capacity tank while pouring water. Attach the triangular nozzle to the steam wand. The triangular nozzle works great while using a steamer for killing the bed bugs.

Step 2: Heat it up

Your pressured steam water must reach at least 160–180° F to kill bed bugs. Bed bugs may survive below this level. However, the problem is, this could damage your fabric. To ensure safety, you could use an infrared thermometer to know your steamer’s exact temperature level. If it’s a handheld steamer, make sure it’s capable to produce that temperature.

Step 3: Clean the bugs

Start moving from the lowest to the highest point to get perfect results. You should carefully cover soft-surfaced items as well as in cracks and crevices. Don’t let your fabric wet, and it might damp. If it is too wet, decrease the steam amount using the steam control switch.

Step 4: Use it the right way

Use your steam cleaner on all the surfaces. Don’t forget the areas where you think they could hide, or their eggs could be. It would be best if you used the steam cleaner on your mattresses, furniture upholstery, baseboards, box springs, and carpet. Repeat the process twice to make sure no bugs are alive. Use a nylon brush head if you need to scrub.

Step 5: Dry off everything

After you successfully complete your cleaning for bed bug control, let the area dry for some time. Use a fan in the area to circulate the surrounding air to dry faster. Or you can put the entire bed under the sunlight for even more effective results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got any questions? To learn more about bed bugs and steam cleaners, read on.

Can a cloth steamer kill bed bugs?

If you want to kill bed bugs, your steam cleaner must reach at least 160° F. Therefore, your cloth steamer can kill the bed bugs if it can produce this level of temperature.

Can you iron your mattress to get rid of bed bugs?

The bed bugs are vulnerable to heat; a certain amount of direct heat can quickly eliminate them. Therefore, you can use iron on your mattress to kill bed bugs, but the problem is you can’t use iron cracks and crevices to kill bed bugs. Also, iron is not safe for walls, furniture, and floors.

How long does steam take to kill bed bugs?

The killing time of bed bugs depends on your steam temperature. If you use 110 to 120 °F temperature to kill bed bugs, it will take 15-20 minutes to eradicate them. On the other hand, at 300 °F temperature, any bed bugs and their eggs can destroy instantly.

What is a good steamer to kill bed bugs?

Any steam cleaner with high-temperature and pressure can kill bed bugs. But if you are looking for a reliable and effective steam cleaner to eradicate bed bugs, we suggest you go for any handheld steam cleaner.

You could rely on PurSteam World’s Best Steamers; it is easy to handle and produces high-pressure steam flow. Besides, this handheld steam cleaner is multifunctional and comes with an adjustable pressure control knob.


Bed bugs are not only irritating but also the cause of many fatal diseases. Many people face skin itching and lots of sleep issues because of bed bugs. Dirty beds and mattresses could increase bed bugs, and you must keep your bed clean to prevent the spread of bed bugs.

So now you know how does a steamer kill bed bugs. To steam cleaning your bed to eliminate bed bugs, you don’t need to be an expert at using a steamer. It would be best if you got an appropriate steamer with high-temperature steam production ability.

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