Can You Use A Steam Mop On Bamboo Floors?

Bamboo floors are strong and beautiful to look at. However, keeping it neat and clean is a principal task for its shiny outlook. Among various cleaning options, steam mopping seems the most effective to remove dust and grime in general.

But, can you use a steam mop on bamboo floors? Well, it depends on the type of flooring you’re working on and the cleaning process you’re following. You can use steam mopping perfectly with proper using process.

The tips and tricks we’ve discussed below will help you understand the process.

Can You Use A Steam Mop On Bamboo Floors?

In a general sense, it seems hostile to use a steam mop on bamboo floors. The floor might get discolored and wrapped due to the steam penetrating into the bamboo. Frequent use can damage the floors as well.

So, how Can you use a steam mop on bamboo floors?  The only way is, you can’t apply steam directly on the surface of bamboo. You have to use a barrier between the steam head and the bamboo for safety.

Your mop must have a flat head and strips of microfiber to remove moisture from the floor instantly. Moreover, you have to wipe away water spills on the surface in a straightway. You can then get the benefits of steam cleaning as a  mop for bamboo planks to take care of bamboo floor.

How To Clean Bamboo Flooring

The bamboo floor is sustainable. It lasts for years with good care. You have to give it regular care with bamboo cleaners as well as choosing good bamboo brands in the first place. The following steps are to give you the most effective bamboo floor care:

Step -1: Precautions

First, you have to place the floor protection on all your home appliances. During the deep cleaning, it will prevent your furniture from being damaged and stained.  Also, you have to put aside all the splattered materials from the floor.

Step – 2: Vacuum first

Remove all unhygienic loose debris first by sweep the floor. Check out the stained spots, and repeat cleaning on those areas. The best thing to do here is using a vacuum cleaner to absorb the larger debris in prior.

Step – 3: Use the right head

Before placing a steamer on the bamboo flooring, place a microfiber mop with a flat head. It’s to clean the surface with an instant drying advantage. A wood floor cleaning spray or white vinegar can also be handy to eliminate all the contaminants.

Step – 4: Use only soft brushes

Don’t forget to use a soft bristle brush or a standard broom as your bamboo floor cleaner. A bristled broom or other abrasive tools will leave scratch marks. You should avoid the use of abrasive chemical cleaners and deeper scratches.

Step – 5: Dry out the water

Mop the floor thoroughly and ensure that no excess water left on the floor. Don’t use harsh chemicals as that might damage the clean bamboo colors if it’s a prefinished bamboo floor, engineered or solid strand bamboo.

What To Avoid When Cleaning Your Bamboo Floors?

All the traditional cleaners are not applicable on bamboo floors. Hence, you have to be sensible enough to clean it up. The surface will get ruined overnight if you make it messy during the cleaning period. You have to strictly avoid some stuff to have long-lasting usability.

Heavy-weight vacuum:

A quality vacuum can release dust, stain, grime, and other contaminants most efficiently. But a heavyweight vacuum is not suitable for cleaning bamboo floors. It can lead to surface damage by causing a dent.

Abrasive cleaning tool:

A harsh and abrasive cleaning tool is always avoidable to you to keep the surface intact for years. It causes scratches and damage to the floor overnight. Hence, you should go for the soft cloth instead of a brush to perform a risk-free cleaning session.

Wax and oil soap:

Wax and oil soap never bring positive impacts to the bamboo floor. You must stay away from those to have a sustainable surface. Wax makes the floor dirty instead of polishing even at first-time use. On the other hand, oil soap strips away the layer of planks severely and makes the floor weaker.

Steam mop without microfiber:

A steam mop without microfiber can damage the floor faster. As it contains heat, the moisture can quickly go through bamboo planks and make them fragile. So, it’s better to use a mop with a flat head and microfiber barrier in between the mop and floor.

Excessive water:

The excessive water causes warping, staining, and distortion on the bamboo floor. As a result, the surface becomes unsuitable for use and loses its radiance. So, you have to use your mop properly without using a damp cloth with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more queries regarding the bamboo floors, you can concentrate here. You could gather crucial queries from this section.

Is bamboo flooring better than laminate?

The laminate floor doesn’t scratch, dent, stain, and discolor very often like bamboo floors. It’s more effective and affordable than bamboo flooring.

How often should bamboo floors be cleaned?

It relies on how often your floors become dirty. You can clean the floors at least twice a week to keep them tidy.

Can I use vinegar on bamboo floors?

Yes, you can use vinegar on bamboo floors. But you have to use it in a moderate range; otherwise, it will bring a negative impact on the cleaning solution. you can also use vinegar on Steam Mop.

Final Remarks

Bamboo floors have been popular as it lasts long and looks gorgeous than hardwood floors. But it needs regular maintenance to be sustainable.

And now that you know how can you use a steam mop on bamboo floors, keeping it shiny forever won’t be an issue.

If you want to use the floor for a long time with its shine, follow the instructions above.

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