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Calling All Thrill-Seekers! Welcome to Paramount’s King’s Dominion

King’s Dominion in Doswell, Va, is not just another theme park. With thrill rides that have been rated “Best on the East Coast,” this park has bragging rights that most have never experienced. Whether you are seeking fast roller coasters, thrilling new-age rides, or a place for the kids to have a great time, King’s Dominion has something to offer the entire family.

Thrill and Chills!

The Volcano is more than just a roller coaster. A “linear induction suspended” coaster shoots riders out of the top of a 155-foot raging, rumbling volcano at a speed up to 70 mph. In addition, you will be “launched” into loops — including several that are inverted — flips and an 80-foot drop. Be sure to strap those shoes on tight because there is no floor on this coaster. Seated in a “ski-lift” type chair and suspended from a steel track, riders will dangle their feet over trees, through tunnels and over a jungle. If speed and thrills are desired, “Volcano, The Blast Coaster,” will be more than happy to deliver.

Voted the “Best New Ride” in 1996, The Outer Limits — Flight of Fear offers a complete sci-fi thrill for all. Upon entering The Outer Limits, whose theme is based on the 1960s television series of the same name, riders will maze their way through a futuristic spaceship, complete with alien life-forms, a central control area and various monitors that offer warnings for the experience that is about to come. Once seated in one of the three trains, riders will be “launched” onto the enclosed steel track and subjected to speeds of up to 54 mph. Be prepared to experience 30 vertical curves and over 25 horizontal curves, all in near-complete darkness. Hang on, going from zero to 54 mph in four seconds. This ride is sure to have you screaming for more.

Having a fear of snakes will not keep you away from this roller coaster. The Anaconda is a roller coaster constructed of “giant steel coils” and has the only butterfly configuration found in the United States. In addition, the Anaconda is the only roller coaster in the world that offers both inverted loops and sends riders into an underwater tunnel. The loops include one that is 100 feet above the water as well as a combination corkscrew loop that is 156 feet long. With a total of six loops and speeds that exceed 50mph, this ride will have you head over heels for this roller coaster in no time flat.

With a 360-degree vertical loop that takes you into a 540-degree horizontal position, making you parallel to the ground below, the Shockwave is one ride you don’t want to miss. This steel roller coaster reaches speeds of up to 50 mph, turns you upside down, then right side up again, all while living up to its name of the Shockwave. You may want to be sure to hold on tight; this ride has no seats. Each of the thrilling feats mentioned above is experienced by riders who are standing up. Plant your feet firmly, and hang on tight to the harness; the “shock” of the year awaits.

Want more of a thrill than a roller coaster? King’s Dominion will be more than happy to accommodate you. The Xtreme SkyFlyer is one experience you will not soon forget. A wrapped in a harness, either alone or with up to two friends, riders are brought to a height of more than 150 feet. Once the countdown begins — 3-2-1 — riders pull a “rip-cord,” releasing them into a soar across the sky and back. Riders can sail through the air up to 80 mph. Also located in the Wayne’s World theme area, the Xtreme SkyFlyer is for those who seek thrills, no matter what the cost.

For the Little Ones

King’s Dominion is for thrill-seekers of every age. Children are given their own “thrills” in the Nickelodeon Zone. Visited daily by well-known Nickelodeon characters such as Blue, from the series Blue’s Clues, and any one of the Rugrats characters. At the Nickelodeon Zone, children are in charge. There is no need for a valid driver’s license when driving on the Rugrats Turnpike. The children even have their very own roller coasters, the Taxi Jam Coaster and Scooby-Doo’s Ghoster Coaster, which allows them to show their parents how it should be done — hands in the air, everybody!

In addition to all these thrills, your paid admission allows you access to King’s Dominion’s Water Works. WaterWorks is 16 acres of wet fun for the whole family. Whether you are looking for water slides, a wave pool, or just a place to allow the kids to cool off, Water Works has just what it is you are looking for.

Fast fun, slow fun, or wet fun; all can be found at Paramount’s King’s Dominion. Visit the Paramount King’s Dominion Web site for more information.

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