Sitting, Crouching, Back And Down

The involvement and concern of parents and people around him in the child’s development can build a positive emotional intelligence. It would be very different if the children are in look complete with less concern for the child’s intelligence level.

Some activities that can be done to help children develop their intelligence, among others:

7 months is the age usually when the child can sit upright and stable, soft cloth scroll ball slowly towards it, children are usually very happy when the ball came to him.

Teach children to catch the ball and threw it back to you, this event will help to train balance while sitting.

At the age of 9 months, the child is usually very interested in doing activities out of bed or up and downstairs, easily by crawling.

Teach your child down from a different height as the first leg, and this means that children learn to crawl backward.

Consider the child’s feet when dropped from a ladder, do not let him down with your head first because it could harm him.

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