Birth Balls | Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum

More than likely, most people you talk to do not know what a birth ball is or what it is used for. A birth ball is a physical therapy ball that helps women get into positions that help labor progress. They’re also great to sit on one while you’re pregnant or trying to soothe a fussy baby.

If you suffer from backache or pelvis pressure while pregnant, a birth ball is for you. I found it a lot more comfortable to get on and off the birth ball than to get in and out of a chair or couch. During pregnancy, I had a very mobile pelvis that got, even more mobile the more babies I had. It was easy to do the pelvic rock as I leaned forward on the ball. The ball helps keep your pelvis mobile, too. That’s important when you give birth, as it also helps labor to progress.

With my last labor, the birth ball helped me get into upright or forward kneeling positions that would have been a lot less comfortable had I not used the ball to support my body. I even used it postpartum to help firm and tone my lower muscles.

Think a birth ball might be for you? Check with your local childbirth educator, doula, hospital or birth center to see if they have a birth ball available for patients to use. If they don’t, you may want to consider purchasing your birth ball.

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